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Le Louvre during war, 1939 - Laure Albin Guillot

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Dior Resort 2014

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I want to be Comme des Garcons.


A thing worth thinking about.

I think.

Viktor & Rolf, SS 2010.


Photo taken from.


Ann Demeulemeester F/W ‘12

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Black n Stormy #cocktails #rum

Imagine you break the Sears Tower off at the base, right where it touches the ground, and you hollow out the insides, and you seal all windows, entrances, and exits good and tight. And every week, pick a day, any day of the week you like, you dip the Sears Tower into Lake Michigan, and you fill it up, and you dump it…well, into thin air. It just evaporates. No one ever uses it, no one ever sees it again. And then you dip the Sears Tower in again, and pull out just under another third of a Sears Tower, and that water disappears too.

That’s what happened, last year. That’s what we lost: more than 67 Sears Towers’ worth of water.

It’s not the first thing Chicago’s lost a lot of, and it won’t be the last.

But it sure makes a good story.

And a lot of thirsty people.


I wouldn’t mind the rain so much if this were my umbrella

I agree!

AFSDKSDA: Paris Fall 2013

Balmain, designed by Olivier Rousteing

There are some designers who take worn out, cliched themes (read: Blade Runner) and just make them new again. I loved this show. I want one of everything.

Pretty Please.

K thanks.


Balmain Fall 2013 runway photo courtesy of Vogue.


Ann Demeulemeester f/w 2013

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Sorry about the lateness! (See below for part of what took so long.) Here are my top 5(6) shows from NYFW:

1. Prabal Gurung: No, this is how you rock a peplum.

2. Marc Jacobs: Pants? What pants? Who needs pants?

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim: Saltwater taffy goes hyper-chic.

3. Narciso Rodriguez: The art of mindful tailoring.

4. Nichloas K: If you like it, then you put another layer on it.

5. Ralph Lauren: Russian imperialism appropriated by America, re-appropriated by Russia, re-appropriated by America.

And honorable mentions to the Altuzarra and Donna Karan shows, since while they weren’t my cup of tea, they were full of genius and mastery from start to finish and made me do a lot of ‘ooh’-ing.


Photo Credit List (Left-to-Right):

Row One:
Marc JacobsLucky Magazine – Photo Credit: WWD/Thomas Iannacone
Narciso – Photo Credit:
3.1 Phillip LimFashionista – Photo Credit: IMAXtree
Prabal GurungKenton Magazine – Photo Credit: ?

Row Two:
Marc – Photo Credit: ?
Narciso RodriguezBoston Bazaar – Photo Credit: ?
Nicholas – Photo Credit: ?
Ralph – Photo Credit: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images 

Row Three:
Narciso – Photo Credit:
Ralph LaurenFashion. Style. Beauty. – Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren
Prabal – Photo Credit: ?
Nicholas KFashionista – Photo Credit: IMAXtree

Row Four:
3.1 Phillip – Photo Credit: ?
Prabal – Photo Credit: ?
Nicholas KFashionista – Photo Credit: ?
Marc JacobsThe Huffington Post – Photo Credit: ?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I got a job. Of the full-time variety. And between preparing for interviews, stressing about interviews, and just general life-changing madness, I am way behind on my blogging. Alas. But in the meantime, as I catch up, I hope you get to re-discover some of your favorite moments from last fashion month :-)

Carry on,



Iceberg RTW Fall 2013

Paolo Gerani took the brand back to its Eighties heyday, when intarsia sweaters by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac put the brand on the fashion map. For More

For all’s RTW coverage

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